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The Top 10 Britpop Bands of The 90s


Following on from our top 10 female rock singers, iconic concerts and the top 10 Irish rock bands, is now presenting the top 10 Britpop bands of the 90s. It was truly a wonderful era for music, giving the world many great bands and artists, that are still hugely popular in 2020. 10. Sleeper

Top 10 Female Rock Singers Of All Time


Following on from our top 10 iconic concerts and top 10 best Irish rock bands, here at therock, we are delighted to bring you our top 10 female rock singers of all time. 10. Alanis Morissette Alanis Morissette was a mainstay throughout the 90s. With her mezzo-soprano voice, the Canadian singer songwriter paved the way

How British Bands Rocked And Conquered America


On February 7th, 1964, the world of music changed. The Beatles came to America and kicked off the British invasion. The 60s were a time of upheaval in America; the civil rights movement had exploded; the Vietnam war was live on TV in in people’s living rooms and America put men on the moon. The

The 10 Best Irish Rock Acts Ever


Following on from our Top 10 Most Iconic Rock Concerts, brings you the 10 Best Irish rock acts ever. 10. The Saw Doctors Kicking off our list are Galway rockers, The Saw Doctors. Since 1986, the band have thrilled audiences around the world and have set some records along the way. Their famous hit

The 10 Most Iconic Rock Concerts

The Most Iconic Rock Concerts

Here at we are pleased to share our top 10 iconic rock concerts of all time. 10. Bruce Springsteen at Capitol Theatre 1978 In 1978, Bruce Springsteen was already on his way to becoming one of the greatest rock acts of all time. In August 1978, Springsteen headlined Madison Square Garden (MSG) for the

The Rock During Lockdown

The Rock during Lockdown

We all know the last few months haven’t been the best of times in Ireland, with the past few months of Coronavirus restrictions – and there appears to be no end in sight, yet anyway! During the current pandemic, The Rock continues blasting out the best in classic rock from the 60s to the 90s

Petition to licence a rock radio station outside the Dublin area

Petition to licence classic rock radio station

We’ve become aware of this petition set up by listeners of our friends at Radio Nova. These people have set up a petition to get permission for Radio Nova to extend to the rest of the country. They are only licenced to cover Dublin and surrounding continues at the moment. If you have a

Pilot rock radio station for urban areas outside Dublin

Pilot Classic Rock Radio Station

The backers of Radio NOVA have received a temporary licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to operate ‘classic rock’ radio station for the urban areas outside the Dublin Commuter Belt. The pilot licence will operate for a period of three weeks from Monday September 14th and will broadcast to Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny and

Contact The Rock – Text & Email

Contact The Rock

Contact The Rock anytime by Text – 083-19-49-393 or Email –! You can contact us during Live Shows and we’ll say Hello – always remember to let us know your Name & Location! You can also make dedications to friends, family or fellow Classic Rock lovers – or just tell us how much you love

The Rock – Classic Rock Radio – LIVE every weekend until November 10th!

The Rock Returns

We are The Rock – Classic Rock Radio to Cork, Limerick and Galway! We’re on 106.7FM in Cork, 105.5FM in Limerick and 89.5FM in Galway and also available online at You can contact us via our Facebook page for now – or email us: Cheers The Rock Team